3D Rain and Fog Mod v 1.1 (Update)

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3D Rain and Fog Mod v1.1 (Update) / ATS and ETS2

– 3D Asmr Rain Sound Effect ( inside, outside )
– New Thunder Sound Effect
– New Dense fog
– New Street Lamp Color


3D Rain and Fog Mod v1.1 (Update) / ATS and ETS2

– 3D ASMR Yagmur Ses Efekti ( Kabin ve Dış )
– Yeni Gök Gürültüsü Ses Efekti
– Yoğun Sis
– Yeni Sokak Lamba Rengi

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Author: SmhKzl


6 Responses to 3D Rain and Fog Mod v 1.1 (Update)

  1. Westheimer says:

    Low sounds! This 10 out of 10)

  2. Boris says:

    I can’t open the linkk 🙁

  3. Mattie says:

    No files in the download link

  4. Knigge58 says:

    I can’t open the link!!!!!!??????????

  5. FilMit says:

    Excellent rain , fog, and the sound of thunder !
    Lovely modification , I put it on top of Grimes Summer Environment v2.0, and get super !!!
    Thanks to the author , greetings from Russia 🙂

  6. fenomenu75 says:

    don’t work

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