4 000 000 Start Money


4.000.000 money for start the new carrer 🙂
With this mod you can buy your trucks and garages

When creating a new profile, you must activate the mod. If you activate it after creating, mod does not working!

Start Money: will be credited immediately after you create the profile

Working on all versions game! 🙂

Author: MyMods100


6 Responses to 4 000 000 Start Money

  1. NO_THIEFS!!! says:

    Samo, thief!!!!

  2. Asero says:

    No billions in the bank +1
    No everything unlocked from start +1
    No unlimited exp +1

    Almost exactly what I was looking for thanks!

  3. SamoPlsKYS says:

    enough retard +1

    almost exactly every dumbass who uploads this kind of mod

    • Asero says:


      While your are p******* your panties over a mod you didn’t even make yourself, I got easy access to a mod I needed.

  4. DigitalX says:

    How many more of these bloody mods do we need? Christ.

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