454 Drivers in Game

454-Drivers-1 454-Drivers-2

Now you can have 454 hired drivers to work for you.

Author: Todor Alin


49 thoughts on “454 Drivers in Game

  1. EvgenKo423

    It is impossible. The cap is about 250 and it’s hardcoded…

    1. EvgenKo423

      You probably mean that this mod adds more driver icons?

      1. Todor Alin

        It’s not hardcoded, and add new drivers with icons.
        And this mod is take from here : http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=209314

        1. need pass word to extract please

        2. what’s the password to unlock 454-drivers.scs?

      2. EvgenKo423

        Sorry dude, I’ve red those threads on a forum. I’m glad someone finally found that out.

  2. I have now:

    211 = own Drivers
    106 = plus with the Mod
    317 = totally Drivers.

    Fine, I need them…

    1. i have now:227 own driver,63 mod.totally 290 drivers with trucks

      1. stefan daniel

        227 game+128 mod=355 driver
        i have 71 garage full
        35 garage empty

        1. stefan daniel

          total driver game:227
          total driver mod:227
          total driver:454

  3. for 1.23 or 1.24?

    1. Todor Alin

      It’s not included any game version, becouse must work both for ETS and ATS !!!!

      1. stefan daniel

        @Tudor Alin:poti vorbi romana?desi stiu ca nu vorbeste multa lume vreau sa stiu daca merge si in ats?

        1. Todor Alin

          Nu am verificat inca, nu am avut timp. Dar ar trebui sa nu fie nici un fel de probleme din moment ce au acelasi motor. Si, de fapt, asta este si motivul pentru care nu am inclus verificarea de versiune a jocului….

          1. stefan daniel

            o sa incer eu daca merge in ats.o sa revin

          2. stefan daniel

            merge in ats dar nu am cumparat garaj in arizona.imi apar

  4. Just+for+new+profile?+I’ve+226+employes+myself,and+I+can’t+hire+more.+Can+you+describe+us+for+new+profile+or+existing+profile.+Thanks+anyway+for+your+work.

    1. Todor Alin

      I don’t understand, if the mod is activated, it must work. Do you have another driver mod ???? Have you tried this mod with greatest priority in mod manager ??? Or, try to switch to “English”….

      1. I’d create a new profile with mod manager only this mod activated, and sadly it’s just adding only one default random driver,not a new lot of drivers. This mod just effecting lot of new pictures for profile. And my lang is only English. Just it.

        I think this mod just for adding new photo profile, not adding new drivers. Thanks.

        I still waiting for fixed this mod or other mod with true effect.

        1. Todor Alin

          Be carefull at one point: number of drivers in the recuitement list depends of agency discovered (one hireable driver per agency), and you need a lot a big garages !!!!!

  5. UltrasSLO

    Can you please try to explain me in your SCS thread about this mod, how to change driver names, like you do fo romanians ๐Ÿ˜› ?
    Otherwise great mod

  6. And I’d discovered all job agencies first, then I hire them one by one until all hired 227 drivers to all 106 my garages. Where’s wrong point?

    1. 106 large garages with 530 slot total available for trucks and drivers.

    1. Todor Alin

      I cannot help you unil I see the gamelog file. Please post a link.

  7. Here’s, hope will helped.

    1. Todor Alin

      In your log file after this line:
      New profile selected: ‘Bonie’
      I don’t see nothing to say :
      Mod package 454_drivers has been mounted
      It means that you don’t have activated the mod in your profile.
      Check this….

      1. I don’t understand. I’d read too, but nothing worked. I’d activated the mod too before all.

        Should I try again from first?

        1. Todor Alin

          The only option left is to remove all mods, except this, start a new profile with this mod activated. If works, add a new mode one time, to see wich is incompatible.

  8. its not work on version

    I did everything but not worked.

    please make it compatible.

  9. works fine, big thanks

  10. gabibacsi


  11. Thanks, it works perfect.
    Now I need again more Drivers, I have the first 3 Lines empty… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Works good with, Promods and RusMap.

    If you have activated, you will see only the “normal” Number of Drivers. And with the Time the invisibles comes out from the “Hole”.

    Not only Icons, real Drivers.
    Now I will wait for 500 or more… ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. daca+am+varianta+1.21.1++merge+acest+mod+?+am+jocul+de+pe+net++nu+cumparat+,+am+atins+maximul+de+soferi+,+acolo+scrie+ca+se+actualizeaza+lista++zilnic+,+vrajeala+!+am+vreo+210+camioane+,+vreo+48+de+garaje+mari+,+am+mai+cumparat+vreo+10+camioane+mercedes+si+….+soferi+….+iok+!

  13. spartacus33

    Work ever and ever with 1.26xxx and all dlc (vive la france to)


    1. yes it does with 1.26 and new dlc

  15. Faelandaea

    I have unlocked this file and am going to go ahead and shoot a video on how to work with these files to get what you desire for drivers.

  16. Not+really+for+me.+Did+you+start+a+new+career+with+1.26+or+just+continued+one+from+1.25.+IMHO+you+carry+all+drivers+already+discovered+with+you+into+1.26,+but+if+you+start+a+new+career+in+1.26+you+just+get+252+drivers+-+probably+because+the+number+of+vanilla+game+drivers+was+augmented+in+1.26.

  17. Not really for me. Did you start a new career with 1.26 or just continued one from 1.25. IMHO you carry all drivers already discovered with you into 1.26, but if you start a new career in 1.26 you just get 252 drivers – probably because the number of vanilla game drivers was augmented in 1.26.

  18. please send me a non-password sir to [email protected]

  19. ShadowStag

    Hi, I think I must be doing some thing wrong. I loved the sound of 454 new drivers as I want to expand. I set this mod to top in the mod list and activated it. There are no new drivers for hire? I set the mod to lowest priority and drove around finding new work agencies. There is still no new drivers for hire? What am I doing wrong please?

    The mod is activated. It must be me?

  20. I+think+they+change+the+coding+since+v1.26+(increased+to+252)+hence+it+does+not+work+for+me.

  21. Does+not+work+for+me+in+1.28+either+I+think+the+mod+may+have+been+broken+by+the+new+updates+since+1.26.

  22. Does not work for me either in 1.28. I think the mod may have been broken by the new updates since 1.26.
    Todor Alin is there any chance you can make it compatible with 1.28 please.

  23. This mod work! Acest mod functioneaza!
    It is simple but need 1 more make settings!
    In document/ets2/profile/folder have number name/save/ find game.sii. Decode game.sii, edit in this file driver offer: 454.
    Save and play!
    In documente/ets2/profil/folderul este din numere facut/save/ acolo cautati game.sii. Decodatil cu SII_Decrypt_[v1.3] editati in acel fisier Soferi oferiti: 454. salvati si jucati! Merge si pe Versiunea 1.30.
    And man pls offer password for this mode! pls

  24. mohammed mohammed

    mod not work with me in v1825s !!!!!!!

  25. any+video+to+show+how+to+apply+the+file+coz+its+now+working+on+my+version+1.3.2

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