500 000 Start money


It only works when you make a new Profile!
Activate the mod and have fun!

Tested on 1.16.2s

(Maybe works on older Versions)

Gives you 500k Money when you start a new savegame!


6 thoughts on “500 000 Start money

  1. why this mod if you can use cheat engine for the same??????

    1. ApplePieGaming

      When you dont now how it works with CheatEngine you can use this mod

      -its easier

      1. Can you make 1 but with 1 000 000 euro?

  2. Not working on Hungary map
    New profile and activate the mod but nothing
    Any solution?

    1. darian ward

      uninstall the Hungary map mod

  3. darian ward

    uninstall the Hungry map mod. it is obviously not compatible

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