50k Addons Pack [1.48]

Roof grills with slots only for NextGen SCANIAS
Kelsa VisorBars for NextGen SCANIAS
Kelsa HiBars for NextGen SCANIAS
Hella LED Marker Light (1.) (White, Orange)
Light Board (1.) for NextGen SCANIAS
paintable variants of all bars for NextGen SCANIAS
flare hookup to fog light to cast yellow light
Light Board (1.)
Plate Light Board (1.)
Michelin Dolls (yellow and white) (1.)
Hella Chromium (2.)
Hella Chromium Angel Eyes (2.)
Hella Lollipop (1.)
Fog Light (1.)
Custom Beacon
Grill Light with custom flares and light (1.)
Low Bar Light wit custom flares and light (1.)

Light types:
1. lights up with positional lights
2. lights up with auxiliary lights
Updated for ETS2 1.48



4 thoughts on “50k Addons Pack [1.48]

  1. No need for update really and this is not the original mod. People, stop enabling thief’s and pirates.

    1. what do you mean no need for update? I cant use the previous version mod with 1.48 update. If this not original mod, share a link to the original one.

  2. The Michelin men with the yellow light shine too weakly.

  3. @Bob
    Take a Look and you can see, all Files are from 2018.
    Only the manifest is from 2023. This is a Fake, better, stolen.
    The Original you can find only on SCS-Forum.

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