50k Wheels Pack for ETS2 1.37.x

Update of the 50k WheelsPack mod for Euro Truck Simulator 1.37.x

This mod fixes several bugs from previous versions of the mod to work properly with the current version of Euro Truck Simulator 2




9 thoughts on “50k Wheels Pack for ETS2 1.37.x

  1. There is nothing new in this mod, so stop trying to take credit for other people’s (old) work…

    1. Hi Robert there are new things in the mod, a lot of files have been updated to the latest version of the game so they don’t cause errors in the gamelog

      1. Thx for the update bro

  2. Janos Szime

    indeed mate , the older version is still working with 1.37…. no bugs or anything like that …

    1. Hi Janos Szime the previous version of the mod can still work but if you look at the gamelog.txt file you will see many errors, those errors have been fixed with this new updated version of the mod

  3. AvM Transport

    I don’t have any RED ERROR’s in my log. Only “yellow wrong pmg version”. That’s not a ERROR.

    1. Hi AvM Transport you just said it “wrong yellow version of pmg” which means, wrong version of pmg, translated, old version of pmg, that message in yellow I consider a bug.

      1. AvM Transport

        I know what it means. I updated older mods for my own use.

  4. Antoniopua

    Any way to match Galimim?

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