50k Wheels Pack


– Wheels Pack for DAF, Scania and MAN Trucks
– Alcoa front and rear wheel
– Heavy duty front wheel
– New version pmg and pmd (ETS2 1.9)
– Log clear

Authors: 50keda, petr.voltr


9 thoughts on “50k Wheels Pack

  1. This wheels is amazing… since it launched the first version I use haha

  2. Could you also do a version with the michelin white words/labels

    1. petr.voltr

      I do not do texture

      1. Could someone make a white wall version like punisher did with one of the older versions?

        1. petr.voltr

          the mode (punisher) take texture “tyre.dds” located “vehicle/wheel/50k_alcoa/textures” and put me into a modified mode at the same place

  3. only for 1.9 ?

    1. petr.voltr

      tested version 1.9.22
      other versions may compatible

  4. Hi
    does this tyres only works with the scania from 50k or does it work with streamline also?

    1. petr.voltr

      for all trucks

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