50keda Addons for New Scania Generation v 2.4

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•Added paintable variants of all bars for NextGen SCANIAS
•Added flare hookup to fog light to cast yellow light

•Tweaked slots for horns (rotate a bit up, so horns do not intersect cabin)
•Added orange Hella LED Marker light

•Roof grills with only slots for NextGen SCANIAS
•Added slots for lolipops on mirrors for NextGen SCANIAS
•Added extra slots for beacons

•Kelsa VisorBars for NextGen SCANIAS
•Kelsa HiBars for NextGen SCANIAS
•Hella LED Marker Light (White) fixed
•Light Board for NextGen SCANIAS
•SUPER Logo comeback


50keda, SCS


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23 thoughts on “50keda Addons for New Scania Generation v 2.4

  1. Great, I work 100×100. Thank you.

  2. Waltencyr


  3. -firebird-

    Excellent work, just keep on doing it!

  4. melafDIFI

    Thank you

  5. What am I doing wrong??? I don’t get the mod in ETS2.

    I put the zip file in the mod folder but I can’t see it in the game.

    1. you have activate it in mod manager?

      1. Norman I know that but I can’t even see the mod in the mod manager, so I can’t activate it when I can’t see it.

        1. Found the problem, so now it works.

  6. how to instal ?

    1. Just put the hole zip file into the mod folder.

      1. CABOCIINA

        is there a tutorial that teaches how to install this mod?

  7. can+you+help+me?+i+didnt+see+.scs+file+in+that+folders.+how+can+i+do+that?

  8. Hey, it´s a great mod again! But how to paint the roofgrill in an own paintjob?

  9. hello

    zip folder in mod but does not appear thanks

    1. Hello franck.

      I found out that I had a file in the mod folder that had the same name as this mod, so it didn’t appeared in mod manager. I deleted the file that I didn’t use and then this mod appeared in mod manager. Try and see if you have a file in your mod folder with the same name as this mod.

  10. how+to+install+please+:((

  11. elliot the jaga tang


  12. so+what+was+the+problem+?

  13. The Simulator Guy YT

    Everything Works For Me Just Not The Lightbox 🙁

  14. how instal?

  15. CollinLena

    Please make it for volvo 🙂

  16. Mod funktioniert gut jedoch fehlen leider die hörner … lvl.1.33.

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