50Keda DAF FAB a ko drugi! Skin


->Skin maked to be a more realistic like in real life,some parts are not puted in skin because the template wasnt wery good!
->Ready for 1.12.x. and up!
->To propertly work you will need this mod:
->Thanks to 50Keda for this wonderful truck mod!

GamerHacker, 50Keda


4 Responses to 50Keda DAF FAB a ko drugi! Skin

  1. max says:

    FAB iz Gračanice odakle sam i ja ;)))))))))))), samo si trebao možda umjesto ove bijele uzet svijetlo bež

    • GamerHacker says:

      Sve se to popravi kada izades sa njim,ovako malo previse ima odsjaja 😀

  2. DAF_FEN_BG says:

    Video pls

  3. KAUBOJ JIMI says:

    Mod je supppper. Puno Hvala !!!! :)))))))))))))

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