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Hi all,

I made this improvements on the nice VNL780

-improved interior dashboard (realistic one)
-added 4 Cummins ISX engines
-added a 18 speeds gearbox
-made the truck more shiny from exterior
-fixed outside texture’s bug
-added reworked stock volvo sound + my new Cummins ISX straight pipe sound.




47 thoughts on “VNL780 improvements + sounds

  1. Where i buy this truck???

  2. Du Kriechbaum, autrement dit une valeur sure je prends
    merci beaucoup

  3. Volvo VNL 780 Reworked v 3.0 + volvo VNL 780 improvement – sounds……..2 mods .buy in volvo

    1. No sound, no interior, what to do?

  4. Where is this car? I didnt found it…

    1. Volvo VNL 780 Reworked v 3.0 + volvo VNL 780 improvement – sounds……..2 mods .buy in volvo
      should use these two mods … buy at the volvo shop

  5. what version of the game?

  6. should use these two mods … buy at the volvo shop
    look at my previous post

  7. You guys probably have another Volvo mod that uses the same spot on the dealer, so just one of them will show up. Either that or this mod doesn’t work. I haven’t tested so I’m not sure…

  8. trucker rob

    hi i’am also having problems with my game recognising this mod even after activating it.

  9. Thankyou Kriechbaum

  10. same problem for me 🙁 so bad…

  11. kriechbaum

    Be sure my mod is activated AFTER the truck !!!

    Remove the “ZZzzz” of the name of the truck’s mod.
    If the truck is under my mod, this will never work.

    Also, i am making the same mod, but with kilometers per hour, instead of miles per hour.

  12. kriechbaum

    Ok all,

    Little update :
    Added KM/h dashboard (separated mod).
    Added real VNL blinkers sound.
    Corrected alpha channel for lightning of the dashboard by night. Just re-download the mod you want to use. It’s the same link for the MPH version.

    link for KM/H version with new blinkers sound :

    See you.

    1. kriechbaum

      Picture of the KM/h dash by night :

    2. Woah very nice 🙂

  13. can you make this sound for the peterbilt 351 to ??

    1. kriechbaum

      Hi Marty, no, those engines are too much recent for a truck like the 351. i have made if you want a very nice Cummins 275 sound mod, search on this site for it. It sounds great.

  14. RobViguurs

    this mod is very good! but would you please do one little thing for me? can you add a option that i can remove that gps on the top of the dashboard? because i really don’t like that little thing, because its everytime on my sight and i dont like the driving then :/ but al the other things are great. Thumbs up for kriechbaum 😉

  15. barns2014

    wipers still not working outside truck

  16. Sumerian_Demon

    totally agree with you man.. those shits should be optional

  17. Hi,

    Doesn’t work for me, even after ur advices of to remove ZZzz…

    1. kriechbaum

      the “zzzzzz” of the truck, not of my mod.

      It must work. try to swap engine to another one in a shop.

      1. Thanks dude, it works perfectly now.


  18. for some reasons cummins engines arent showing in the engines list in the shop..

    1. and when i look in the scs file all i see is d13/16 engines no cummins in “def\vehicle\truck\volvo.vnl780\engine\” did you forgot to put cummins def files?

      1. found which files change it to cummins sound but right when i start the truck the game jsut crash with no error in game.log..also the dashboard doesn’t change :S

        1. kriechbaum

          remove every “zzzzzzzzzz” of the truck name. not of my mod.

          1. j’ai supprimé les ZZZZ je trouve toujours pas le camion dans le concessionnaire .

            je m’excuse mais je comprend pas quel Z faut effacé !


          2. kriechbaum


            les zzzzz du camion qu’il faut enlever a telecharger sur ce site (version 3.0).
            ne pas enlever les “ZZzz” de mon mod.
            Aussi verifie que tu as pas un autre camion qui ecraserait le volvo vnl.

  19. Awesome mod! that I have to do to get the black side windows? my side windows are white…

  20. Hi all ive removed all zzzzz from truck and all works fine just like Kriechbaum said it would this mod as made this truck a lot better thanks

  21. Can anyone tell me how to fix this…

  22. Gorkal1ty

    Kriech anyway to get this working into 1.14? Really appreciating your work, keep on ; )

  23. kriechbaum

    Hello friend, this truck works perfectly on 1.14 patch.

    The error in log.txt about pmg size was already present on older version of the game. Also this error does not change something in the game. Truck is working like a charm 😉

    See you.

    1. Alexander

      I cannot get the mod to work even with the ZZ’s removed, any help? Thanks

  24. Alexander

    Hello, I cannot get the truck to work! 🙁 I can’t find it in the dealer… I removed all zzzzz’s also. Thanks.

  25. dayton morris

    wich Volvo dealer did u buy it because this is hard

  26. kriechbaum

    Volvo dealer, but DO NOT forget to get this truck

    Then this mod, and remove the “zzzzz” of the TRUCK’S name, not of my mod !!!

    So, my mod will be UNDER the truck.

    Enjoy 🙂

  27. très belle video et oui je le prend aussi car la franchement ca le vaux bien!!
    en plus je crois que je vais changé mon systeme de video aussi en lmeme tant car elle est super net

  28. I really like what you’ve done here. But one (small, or, big) problem.

    The fuel capacity listed in the truck is up to 800 L / 211 US GAL – even with this mod installed. It’s the same fuel as an FH with the 2 rear axles.

    A *real* VNL780 has 275 US GAL / 1041 L. That’s some fuel missing there. ( Reference: )

    That’s the ONLY qualm I have with this rig. Otherwise, it works great for me. If you can fix this, I would be so grateful to you…

  29. is it possible you could make this sound for the Volvo Fh AS IT IS A BRILLIANT SOUND BEST IVE HEARD SO FAR BUT IT WOULD BE GOOD IF IT WAS FOR THE VOLVO fh

  30. Why does the game crash every-time you pass by a Volvo dealer??? using TSM 5.3 and ETS2 1.15.2 I have heard this happening to others as well. Can you fix it??? love this truck…just wished it would be fixed thanks!!!

  31. also this truck is having a problem trying to hitch up to a trailer as well 🙁

  32. Love the truck and it gets even better with your this sound pack and the fixes. The 860 hp engine disappeared, but i’ll be using the Cummins anyway, loooove the sound!
    One of my favorite features is the optional laptop with the GPS, dont think i can change truck now that i found it!

  33. Its a great mod for volvo vnl780…hey man its working on ets2 1.19.x?

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