62 Heavy Cargo Pack Version 7.0

ETS2 1.26.xx + DLc Scandinavia + DLC France ready

62 Trailer rework by Roadhunter Version 7.0


All trailer for the Patch 1.26.x.x

All Standalone Trailer
– with Advanced Trailer Coupling

Compatible with all Trailer Packs and Maps.

credits in the Readme62 file

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7 thoughts on “62 Heavy Cargo Pack Version 7.0

  1. Roadhunter! Не вижу смысла в этом моде, так как, сии трейлеры отсутствуют в трафике. Вся прелесть игры заключается, когда игрок видит красивые трейлеры в трафике!!!
    Roadhunter! I see no reason in this fashion, since these trailers are absent in traffic. The beauty of the game is that the player sees beautiful trailers in traffic !!!

    1. In this case it’s a good idea, because if every ai truck was hauling these huge trailers they would get stuck in corners, tight places etc (The way that the ai are driving).
      Anyway thank you very much Roadhunter for this awesome pack!

  2. yes, a nice package, great work !

  3. Looks+good,+but+the+technical+details+are+unrealistic.+Empty+trailer+weight+is+way+too+low.

  4. Roadhunter

    the trailer have two weights….in chassi.sii it was 8tons and in cargo ,than the weight is realistic enough

  5. Empty Weight (in chassi.sii ) of a 3axle Semi Lowloader begin at 9tons up to 5axle lowloader with 30tons.

  6. Roadhunter

    yes, you are right….

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