68 Roadhunter Trailer in Pack V 5.3


ETS2 1.21.xx + DLc Scandinavia ready

68 Trailer rework by Roadhunter Version 5.3

New in V 5.3

3x new Trailer

Doll with Stormwater Overflow
S.KO Schmitz with Building materials
Krone 4 Axle with lift axle

All trailer for the Patch 1.22.xx

All Standalone Trailer

Four Trailer in AI Traffic ( Krone 4Axis, Krone Dryliner, 20ft_2Axis, Cement_Cistern )

Compatible with all Trailer Packs and Maps.

credits in the Readme66 file
my page
Don´t upload this file on other hoster.

Roadhunter and many more


14 thoughts on “68 Roadhunter Trailer in Pack V 5.3

  1. Karina-Moskva

    Cool ! Thanks.

  2. townterrier

    thx roadhunter, although i would edit ur description, i nearly passed this by as on pic i just seen 1.22 but in written description says 1.21…
    again many thx for this, as said to u on fb my game is boring without this pack

  3. DrunkDriver

    It takes 3 hours to download 331MB from sharemods.
    It`s top speed is 35-40KB/s.

    1. It took me 2 min to download it. so its your internet thats ######

    2. I guess that is becacuse of Your internet connection. For me it downloaded faster than I was able to check(under one second), but I pay for a fast internet(250 mbps in download speed).

    3. Your internet must be really ###### it took about 1-2 minuets to download.

      1. GN10Gaming

        It took me like 10 minutes lol

    4. No, thats just ur DL speed or your internet.

  4. TW_WolfKing

    I love your trailer mods !!! Thank you!!!

  5. Hi roadhunter , as usually your mod is great but for the first time I found an error on the “dryliner” wheels … the log says that you didn’t put 0 and 1 at the right place for wheels… and I don’t find the file to correct that…
    Could you please have a look at that ?


  6. bigboy5100

    Please update this pack to 1.22 it’s imcompatible

  7. dose it support rjl scania

  8. NordicTrucker

    Credits for Toten Transport skin file to Krone Jumbo: Christoffer Dybvik

  9. TYVM Roadhunter

    is it possible remove the “trucksimulator24” site from trailers for next version?


    can teach how to remove them?

    TYVM again.

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