68 Roadhunter Trailer in Pack V 5.4


ETS2 1.23.xx + DLc Scandinavia ready

68 Trailer rework by Roadhunter Version 5.4.0

All trailer for the Patch 1.23.xx

All Standalone Trailer

Four Trailer in AI Traffic (Krone 4Axis, Krone Dryliner, 20ft_2Axis, Cement_Cistern)

Compatible with all Trailer Packs and Maps.

credits in the Readme68 file

supported me through PayPal: www.paypal.me/Roadhunter
my page

Don´t upload this file on other hoster.

Roadhunter and many more


6 thoughts on “68 Roadhunter Trailer in Pack V 5.4

  1. RagnarModding

    And again my questio ? Whats new?

  2. zeeuwse trucker

    Thank you, is this mod replace the last one?

  3. Roadhunter

    Hello RagnarModding…

    new on this Mod is, that he runs without game_log error and warnings…

    If SCS does not change what again , then we don´t must bring new versions of the Mods…then we can make new Mods

  4. Хрень. Добавили сюда два прицепа от другого автора, и прицепы doll vario и написали версия 5.4. в топку

  5. Pannickus

    crash 😀 when i click DRIVE the crash my game

    p.s.: i use promods and rusmap for 1.23.x

    1. The same problem for me … 😉
      I use promods map v2.02 for ets 1.23.xx

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