750 HP Engines for SCS Trucks

750 engines for SCS trucks

The most powerful trucks on scs are all the Scania and Volvo but how many time did you ask yourself:
“I want to drive a new truck but meh it’s so weak?”
Well, this mod add a 750 engine on those trucks that missing this power.

DAF EURO 6, DAX XF 105, Iveco HW and Stralis, MAN TGX/TGX EURO 6, Mercedes Actros MP3/MP4, Reanault MAGNUM and PREMIUM.
That means the mod doesn’t include a 750 engine for Scania RS, Streamline, Scania NG R and S 2016 and VOLVO FH (both version).

The mod is good for Heavy Cargos and Special Transport DLC.

PS: These engines are a little bit more powerful than volvo’s, I have done some tweks on the torque parameters but there is not a huge difference between them.
I removed the european rpm limit of 2100 and added the limits according to each truck, for example Renault can go up to 3200 rpm, Daf can go up to 2500 and so on.

You need lv 25 and price is 20000€, I left the original names on the engines to make them look more realistic in the shop.




4 thoughts on “750 HP Engines for SCS Trucks

  1. the mod is not working, the engine is not showing up in the preview nor in the shops when u want to buy a truck. BTW im lvl 45, so that is not the problem 🙂

  2. Jó+hazudni?+A+man+tgx+e6-hoz+nem+jó+ez+a+motor!+Fel+sem+ismeri!+Irkálsz+ilyen+2500+rpm,+3200+rpm-et.+Hol+van?+Mind+csak+1000-1400rpm-el+megy.+Kipróbáltam,+onnan+tudom.

  3. KyuubiFox

    that’s strange I have no idea why it does not work for you :/

  4. KyuubiFox

    I have uploaded a new mod file, with some fixes. Just wait for the moderators, and thank you for letting me know about the issue Tommy.

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