750 HP For ALL Truck ETS2 For Multiplayer V1.0

– 750 Motor and Geared for all trucks
– Fix Front Mask Scania
– Added Sun Visor truck truck Scania R To Scania Streamline
– Added Sun Visor truck truck Scania Streamline To Scania R
– 750 engine for Chassis 8×4 truck Scania And Mercedes-Benz MP4
– Elimination of speed limits for trucks VOLVO 2012

Drive at a speed of 181 kilometers per hour 🙂



8 thoughts on “750 HP For ALL Truck ETS2 For Multiplayer V1.0

  1. LaurentJap

    Attention, admin can ban you for “Speedhack” in game !

    1. kilroy952

      It is not against the rules to use the Volvo 750HP engine in all trucks, they specify that it’s allowed as on the “Allowed mods & Mod guidelines” post by a former TruckersMP administrator (https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/6812-allowed-mods-mod-guidelines/)

  2. Mr.LionHassan.Z

    Not hacked
    Engine 750 is normal speed

  3. Marcos Gabriel Garcia

    How to install mods in ETS 2 MP?

  4. Doesn’t work

  5. Mr.LionHassan.Z

    no problem
    Version 1.28 tested

  6. I put the file into the mods folder in My Documents and activating the mod in-game still cant see any 750hp engine -.-


  7. não está funcionando

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