8K Ultra High Resolution Skybox v1.0

This is a mod that raises the vanilla skybox texture to 8K resolution. * It is not a mod that adds new textures.

I think it is much cleaner than vanilla, such as scaling up to 8192 using AI and removing noise. I don’t think you can see much difference in the photo, but it is quite different compared to the actual one. The resolution is increased, but I think there is almost no effect on the frame rate. It cannot be used in conjunction with other graphic mods. Please understand that it is only a “mod that increases the resolution of the clouds” with vanilla graphics.

Tested with ETS2 1.48.



2 thoughts on “8K Ultra High Resolution Skybox v1.0

  1. Shraibicus

    Если без других графических модов, тогда что он увеличивать будет? Бред какой-то!

  2. Not bad to be honest.I like and i play with everything on ultra on gtx 1050TI and fx6300 on vs 1.48. Can be used in ATS aswell right ?

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