8V92 engine’s sound for W900A Kenworth v6


Hi all,

An update of my 8V-92 engine’s sound.

All engine’s sounds files are NEW. Took from an original 8-V92
engine’s sound.

The sound is included in the truck. it’s an all in one as usually.
(truck + sound)

This truck can be found in a Daf seller.

As the previous one, it has a 760hp engine and a 18 gears box.

Once unziped, you will see “version5”, but don’t worry, it’s really
the 6 version. Just rename it if you want.




8 thoughts on “8V92 engine’s sound for W900A Kenworth v6

  1. kriechbaum – Can you please make a Detroit Diesel Series 60 sound mod? Love the 8v92 sound but it makes me miss my old truck.

    Preferably for Freightliner Classic (every one I’ve driven has had this engine) or K100 (my friend’s has this engine).

    Some vids:




    Thanks. -WJ

  2. kriechbaum

    Hi WJ

    Give a try at this Freightliner 120D. Use the cummins sound, it really sounds the same as your videos.


    For the third file (detroit diesel) it’s my old one (version 5) that isn’t as good as this one. So don’t care about it, just use the truck + the cummins sound (two files).

    See u.

    1. Brian Earl Spilner

      Cummins doesn’t sound like Series 60..

  3. I like your job and I´d like to kindly ask you to make a version W900A with the cummins sound (like W900L).
    Thanks – viktor

  4. like to sound but its to smooth and muffled the real engine is raspy and loud

  5. It would be nice to use your cummins sound for Peterbilt 379 including engine brake sound – that´s awesome

  6. ###… So bad!!! 🙁

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