900 000 000 Start Money by David


You need create NEW PROFILE and you start career with 900 000 000.
Created by: David



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8 thoughts on “900 000 000 Start Money by David

  1. great thanks

    1. DavidMerajvy


  2. I see, hard work

  3. Johnny Rotten

    900 million Euros, who would want so much to start with, why would we want another ###### mod like this, ###### amateurs, anything to get their names up in lights so they can brag about it to their mates, frackin pathetic.

    1. It’s called Modding. When people install a new mod and want/or need to make a new profile, they dont have time to spend weeks trying to make money just to try out that 1 MOD that they installed. If you just play boring basic ETS 2 you wont understand. But think about modders and people who use mods..Because we need these kind of mods.

  4. jeanmichel

    Marche pas pourtant créer nouveau profil

  5. how do u get these to work

  6. how do i install in my game ?

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