900 000 000 Start Money by David


You need create NEW PROFILE and you start career with 900 000 000.
Created by: David



7 Responses to 900 000 000 Start Money by David

  1. gaston says:

    great thanks

  2. Baba says:

    I see, hard work

  3. Johnny Rotten says:

    900 million Euros, who would want so much to start with, why would we want another stupid mod like this, bloody amateurs, anything to get their names up in lights so they can brag about it to their mates, frackin pathetic.

    • Ways71 says:

      It’s called Modding. When people install a new mod and want/or need to make a new profile, they dont have time to spend weeks trying to make money just to try out that 1 MOD that they installed. If you just play boring basic ETS 2 you wont understand. But think about modders and people who use mods..Because we need these kind of mods.

  4. jeanmichel says:

    Marche pas pourtant créer nouveau profil

  5. alan says:

    how do u get these to work

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