Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

Its a BETA MEGA PACK V2 WITH 1100 New Trailers

How to use my mod :

1: DL the mod ,
2: the Zip on /document/ETS2/mod โ€” keep the zip
3: Activate the mod on SOLO
4: Buy all Trailer on Trailer dealer [SOLO]
6: Go to MP and use your SAVE and Enjoy



6 thoughts on “93-RP MEGA PACK V2 [BETA] [WORK IN MULTIPLAYER] 1100 Trailers

  1. Re upload accepted only with original link

  2. This is bullshit you have tested them all yourself in MP and they are all allowed in TruckersMP according to their rules

    1. when I speak of test, I speak more authorization because the regulation of the save edit to change thanks to the experiment of the players … weight, I’ve been fighting with tmp for 3 years and I know the bugs that may exist so when I talk about testing I’m talking about bug and not regulation this time if

      thank you for your comment which unfortunately lacks objectivity … because I definitely had to stop but unfortunately for me I received mp every day on discord because the mega pack v1 no longer worked, and I thought a lot when I work on the mod if indeed the TMP community deserves my work? well when I see your kind of talk in the morning it really breaks my ##### and I start to regret, in addition it is that an official beta there are more than 2000 trailer in clear will f ck you and if you have a problem with the mod don’t use it, personally i don’t give a #### anymore

    2. for your information at one point we talked about allowing double bumpers or double lights on the sides of the trailer or even just two loads ?? So yes the save edit has changed I do not know why and how? but it has changed and yes I tested each trailer for 35 min on the CD despite my perm ban just to avoid creating a mod that will be downloaded more than 100,000 times and that it messes up because of me then yes !! I am going to test and yes !! my trailer is legal

  3. antferrom

    Buenas, queria comentarle que en 1.40 no salen las cargas en los remolques.
    Por lo demas se ve muy guapo, buen trabajo.

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