93-RP Trailer HCT Ownership V0.03

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Mod V0.03

Its allowed for TruckerMp but Look evertime the Rules , because he can change it

…………. FIX V0.03 ………….
– New Double Bumper
– Beacon on All Trailer
– Special Beacon on Trailer Box
– 23 New Trailer (Total 24)

– Plus besoin d’utiliser la SAVE 93-RP
– Marche pour le Multijoueur

– No need to use the SAVE 93-RP
– Work for Multiplayer

Discord : https://discordapp.com/invite/8c2XNTj

Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/gaia93tv

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3r6CTh0hgXeaYyCv9Rfw2w

Tips : https://streamlabs.com/gaia93tv/tip

SAVE 93-RP : https://ets2.lt/en/save-93-rp-v-3-8/



14 thoughts on “93-RP Trailer HCT Ownership V0.03

  1. Dillinger Johnny

    Thank you very much

    1. Your welcome , next update soon !

  2. Can you do doubles using one from the krone dlc. and the another trailer with the schwarzmüller ?

    This mod includes only the trailers in the pictures or add modifications for the normal trailers¿?

    1. Hello , For Krone i work now , and i work for new Update , but for schwarzmüller on the server TRUCKERMP we find a probleme , normaly if you don’t have DLC you see buy DLC blablabla , but with HCT ( double 13M trailer plus Dolly 2.5M) you have a probleme with synchronisation of Player have DLC and not so i can’t for schwarzmüller because many player can take a ban because one Trailer is ok abd the dolly is ok but the last trailer no because player’s don’t have a DLC he going to see a simple Tandem and i going to creat a probleme with HIT box

    2. No modification for normal trailer because in make all trailer with spécial équipement look all détail pls and thx for your message

  3. !!!!!!!!!! 750 DL on 20 H THX !!!!!!!!

  4. It works good.
    Waiting for the single trailers with double bumper ^^

    Again good work.

    1. YEAH YEAH YEAH is good idea i will going to work on that

  5. Nice mod! But can you please send me a discord invite so i can ask you a question about this mod. kòki4a#5665

    1. Hello man , yes sure but loot on thé description i give a discord invite and you come to my server and you find me

    2. *look on the

  6. !!!!!!!!!! 1777 Donwload THX !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. WOW 2000 DL THX :)!!!!

  8. Work in 1.36 but V0.04 not working

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