A bit of Hungary


Today we would like to bring you another peek from the upcoming DLC. This time it is several views from roads and highways in Hungary. There are visible cities in the background on some shots: Budapest and Debrecen. When it comes to size, those two new cities happen to be some of the largest in the growing ETS2 universe.

Author: SCS Software

20 thoughts on “A bit of Hungary

  1. Does anyone know if it is possible to combine maps (never tried, supposed I could just though I should ask). Looks great buy aim playing Europe rebuild now and liking that so.

    1. Robertas14

      maybe its possible its it would be hard

    2. In order to support the map DLC, SCS are apparently changing the map from one big block of land into multiple smaller chunks, so that bits can be added on without replacing the whole file. When people start making map mods in the new format there’s a good chance that it’ll be possible to use multiple map expansions at once.

  2. Excited for them to put the new #### out.

  3. TriHanggoro

    Nice Ai trafic…

  4. link pls link

  5. we see the wrapper but where is the beef?

  6. I hope this comes out real soon. Though for an official (SCS-issued) update, I was hoping for more (More of Southern Europe – Portugal, Spain, Greece, More Italy). But hey, the roads to Hungary should be pretty sweet…

  7. Iveco Stralis Hi-Way in the screenshots??

    1. Yes, it’s a free official addon due out within the next couple of patches. I believe they’ve also hinted at the new Volvo FH coming eventually too.

      1. he was talking about the iveco, whhich will be free in the next patch

      2. As Michael says, I’m replying to the guy about the Iveco. Thanks for the random insults though, you seem to be a valuable member of the community yourself.

  8. where did u find it?

    1. roadrunner

      look on the scs softwear blog

  9. Bosnian Guy!

    OMFG, Please write if u have to make a new game or NOT! for the love of god.

    1. This is a preview of the new official (paid) DLC from SCS. So nobody knows yet.

  10. I hope all future maps will be able to be an add on. I’m getting so frustrated at having to start a whole new game every time I want to add a new map. Just doesn’t make any sense at all to work so long to get your garages and trucks added up then…”Sorry, but you must start a new game to use map”

  11. ViewlessMatt

    so we can drive new iveco hi-way in this map ?

  12. Wow…. overtaking trucks and more traffic? I hope SCS fixed the most annoying issue of the game (lack of AI traffic) – if not, I won’t buy this DLC, cause map makers make much better maps anyway 😉

  13. John_Barnaby

    Euhm, can anybody send me a download link please? i can’t find it on this page atm…

    Thanks in advantage!

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