A.I. traffic tandem pack 1.1 (ONLY 1.20.x Game version)


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AI Traffic Tandem Pack with 40 Original Enterprises Skins V1.1.
Only works O.K. on 1.20.x game version.
To re-skin this models, open: “vehiclesolaris36ai_tandemai_tandem_0xtextures” (x 1 to 4)
open cab_xxx.dds and tent_xxx.dds. (xxx 1 to 10)
I wait for good skins. πŸ™‚

Solaris36 (models: Jazzycat, Flemming Vinge)

DOWNLOAD 12 MB [mega.nz]
DOWNLOAD 12 MB [mediafire]

10 Responses to A.I. traffic tandem pack 1.1 (ONLY 1.20.x Game version)

  1. RetroSpectre says:

    Does this fix the bug where the trailers dont spawn with the front rucks?

  2. solaris36 says:

    SCS fix this on 1.20 game update!

  3. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Works fine, i test it on v1.20…. But only Iveco BDF πŸ˜‰

  4. Karina says:


  5. nick says:

    i can not seem to get them to show up in game any ideas why please thankyou

  6. Theosz says:


    TY again for this traffic mod but still have issues

    I do not know what kind of conflics exists between traffic mods and trailers.

    I apreciate if you can check in



    I hope you insert for others trucks soon as yu did in 2.0 to ets2 v1.19

    • solaris36 says:

      Hi. Thank you, but the mod haven’t issues.
      You use a mod not updated for 1.20.x game version, so it conflicts with all traffic mods you have installed, included this one.
      Try to deactivate one by one your traffic mods and you will find it.
      Regards! πŸ™‚

      • solaris36 says:

        This one is guilty:

        00:00:58.024 : [traffic_trailer_type] Loaded legacy trailer storage from ‘/def/vehicle/trailer_traffic_storage.sii’. Please use the new storage definition files to take advantage of all new features!
        00:00:58.024 : [traffic_trailer_type] Converting old trailer definition ‘traffic.trailer.dakoprofi’ to type ‘traffic_trailer’. Please update to the new type.
        Remove or update them and all traffic works fine again.

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