A large package of road, off-road and winter wheels v 2.0

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-Big package of road, off-road and winter wheels for all European, Russian and American tractors from different authors

-In the package there is:
For all tractor units:
-50 varieties of tires
-104 varieties of the disk
-17 varieties of hoods
-41 variety of hubs
-11 varieties of nuts

In previous versions:

-Added 2 tires
-Added 3 hoods
-Updated 3D models
-Added Michelin tires (several options)
-Added wheels for trailers, including fashion (except trailers from DLC Heavy Cargo and heavy)
-Added 14 tires (including off-road)
-Added 19 drives
-Added nuts and hubs
– Added a steel version with a wide base for discs
– Added new tire options Goodyear G661, G372A, G395 and Continental HDW
– Added (for both trailers and trucks) new types of wheels: Goodyear G661 HSA 11R22.5 on Alcoa 8.25×22.5. Colors: matt, polished, chrome
– Added a new rear hub cap: matt, chrome
-Added white strips for some tires
-Added tires and wheels STAX
-Added new tires Good Year
-Added 3 types of hoods
-Replacement of off-road wheels for other options
-The tires of the brand ALCOA will now appear in the cargo traffic
-Added 37 front discs and 15 rear discs
-Added 3 variants of tires with chains
-Updated old files
-Maps MAN
-Two Dayton Tires
-Dirty tires (2 types)
-Disks of 3 kinds (chrome, black and painting if desired)
– Steel rims
-New chrome caps
-Contintntal Cross Trac Tires
-the possibility of painting default disk

In version 2.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.28.x, 1.31.x):


-New hubs for trucks
-New discs, hubs, wheel nuts for trailers
-Chrome now brighter
-New options for dirty tires

-For Scania trucks, the choice is slightly larger

-Mod was tested on versions 1.28.х, 1.31.x

Genius (sdonbass18)


4 thoughts on “A large package of road, off-road and winter wheels v 2.0

  1. there is no snow chan wheels

  2. +1 for snow chan wheels

  3. Felipe Botti Leleque

    Does this rims and tires work on ownable trailers?

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