A&A Technology Trucks & Trailers 1.43

Added new DAF XG 2021
Added new Volvo FH5 KP
Added New SCS Dumper steel & steel long trailer
Added new SCS Dumper Aluminium & Long Trailer

Volvo FH5 KP (new added)
Volvo FH 2012 New Pendragon
Volvo FH 2012 FH Tuning
Volvo FH 2012 8×4
Volvo FH 2012 & 8×4 España version
Volvo FH 2012 & 8×4 Portugal Version
Volvo FH Classic FH Tuning
Volvo VNL 670 Aradeth
Iveco Hi-Way Schumi
Iveco S-Way HBB
MAN TG + 2020 HBB
Kenworth K200
Ford F-Max
Mercedes Actros 2014 Tuning + 2019
Scania S 2016 Tuning pack
Scania S 2016 8×4
Scania R 2009
Scania RJL
Renault T
Renault Magnum
DAF XF Euro6
DAF XF 105
DAF XG 2021 (new added)

SCS Dumper Steel & long
SCS Dumper Aluminium & log (new added)
SCS box & Food tank
Krone Profiliner
Krone Colliner
Standard version
Italia Version
España Version
Portugal Version
Krone Profiliner Italia
Krone Profiliner Double
SG Design Curtain
SG Design Reefer

A&A Technology


4 thoughts on “A&A Technology Trucks & Trailers 1.43

  1. losevo58

    This mod does not make sense, since it is not registered in the company and traffic. Such beautiful trailers must be registered in traffic, otherwise they lose their charm in the game.

    1. Yes you are right, since the release of the owned trailers almost all the modders no longer put the trailers in traffic, I keep reporting but I never answer I only use the trailers of MDModding that are in traffic-Schmitz -cargobull -Menci -Fuel cistern krone Addon Kriistof. I’m sure you already know MDModding and maybe you didn’t need this information from me.

      1. losevo58

        Yes, I am familiar with MDModding. I collected all his Cistern Menci trailers in one package and redid it a bit.

  2. hello nice mod but siteskirts and fenders not good from MAN and Scania

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