Abarth 500 2013 V1

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Change.log V1.0:


– works on 1.32
– interior
– lightmask
– template


If there is any problem/ recommendation please contact me at:

Azorax Modding


16 Responses to Abarth 500 2013 V1

  1. JGaming HD says:

    Thanks!! very good mod

    Hd video 1.32…

  2. Unknow says:

    Bad there’s no tuning.. Like a stock outside version and some tuning outside, like a spoiler, and some other things..

    • AzoraxModdingGaming says:

      this car isnt meant to be tuned its perfect how it is

  3. PolishDriverTruck says:

    HD Video Test 1.32…

  4. mehrab rjl 8000 says:

    make 1968 fiat abarth 595 ss

  5. David Fleming says:

    it doesn’t work

  6. edsor says:

    Thanks for the car. But we, who like to drive cars in ets2, have a problem: while someone does not update any of the minitrailers to the new version the only thing we can do with cars is to turn senseless and aimlessly around the map.
    (I’ve tried every possible way. But it’s useless, I can’t get it to show up in the game)

  7. Dip says:

    Youtube review with speed run

  8. Sorch17 says:

    Youtube rewiew with tunning and sounds…

  9. SiMoN3 ETS2 says:

    Video here …

  10. Trucking Turismo says:

    Hey dude!
    We thank you for this awesome car mod! đŸ˜€

    We have reviewed it.. (1080p, 60fps).

  11. Aysha says:

    ORRIBLE ENGINE SOUND Ets2 it’s a game for truck,all cars devasting dealers and occupy slot for replace other truck mod, if u want drive cars play with FH4

    • AzoraxModdingGaming says:

      have you tried the mod….. ALL my mods are STANDALONE and dont replace trucks

  12. Hikel says:

    Perfect mod BUT :

    – You should put the car in IVECO dealer (It’s the same maker in real life !)

    • AzoraxModdingGaming says:

      a is closer to d so yeah xD i do it the letter it is closes to is the dealer

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