Abass GY Marathon LHS/LHD II White Text

So, simply put this mod paints Abass’s GY Marathon LHS/LHD II text white.

It only includes one version for now, and I can’t promise I’ll make any more of these.

Hope you enjoy using it as much as I do!

If you encounter any problems, let me know!

Siperia, Abasstreppas


4 thoughts on “Abass GY Marathon LHS/LHD II White Text

  1. Don’t Work..

    1. That is because you need the original mod. I forgot to include it in the description.

      This mod only provides the modified .dds files and have to be higher than the original mod in the mod manager.

  2. Asphroxia

    Mod works fine for me, awesome work!

  3. not work

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