Abasstreppas Flare Pack v 1.1 new PMD Files fixed

Hey Guys i have the PMD Files Fixed.
That Mod is running on

Abasstreppas, Jens NE


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12 thoughts on “Abasstreppas Flare Pack v 1.1 new PMD Files fixed

  1. Very disappointed. Till now your flare pack has by fare been the best. But that’s not true for this version 1.1. The lights on the back of the AI vehicles are almost invisible.

    1. ?
      Please Picture…

      1. Inside the SCS file I think there is a too many folders (Abasstreppas_Flarepack)

    2. The reason is, the file ist in the wrong way packed. Inside the file Abasstreppas_Flarepack_1.1.scs there is another directory called “Abasstreppas_Flarepack_1.1”.

      1. Just extract .scs in mod folder.

      2. I have not yet tested, but I noticed the folder “Abasstreppas_Flarepack_1.1”.
        To resolve: open the SCS folder – open the Abasstreppas_Flarepack folder
        Move all files to another location or to a new folder
        Then delete the Abasstreppas_Flarepack folder
        And insert in the SCS folder all the files you have moved before,
        Or else with the files you moved first create a new SCS folder

      3. Thx. That solved my problem. Now the mod is working perfectly 🙂

  2. LeoScaniaSalvatore

    Is this also a fake mod

    1. ###?! No Fake Mod!

  3. Francesco

    Hi Abasstreppas I put your flarepack but the only thing that does not work and the LEDs I have on the nameplate like never? And already from previous versions that it does … with other flare works well all

  4. So… What I’m doing wrong.
    My light are allower the place.
    None of them are where supposed to be.
    I use this and realistick craphicks.
    Loadorder or what is wrong?
    Any help would be nice. This crismastree effect is not fine.

  5. Hi. Could you please update your very nice moed for the latest 1.28 rel of ETS2?? 🙂

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