Abasstreppas Flarepack 1.0 (fixed for 1.27)

This is the well known Abasstreppas flarepack which i fixed for 1.27 open beta. All .pmg’s are converted to the new format (506d6714) and now log is clear.

Compatibility: 1.27

P.S. If you run 1.26, i dont guarantee what it will work on this version (probably not).

abasstreppas, axelrol (me)


4 thoughts on “Abasstreppas Flarepack 1.0 (fixed for 1.27)

  1. Sorry to bother you
    what software you used to convert?
    I blender everything updated with SCS tools
    but does not recognize these new PMG files
    You are free not to answer
    thank you

    1. I use ZM3 with latest update (3.1.4, build 1141, licence, of course). I dont know about Blender because i never use it )

      1. Ok thanks, you’ve been very kind to me answered
        and congratulations for your work.
        Thanks again

  2. update for 1.28 please, excellent mod the best for flarepack 😀

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