Abasstreppas Light Fix Pack v1.01

Each bar has 5 types of finishes:
Polished Stainless Steel
Matte Black and Shiny Black
Matte Truckpaint and Shiny Truckpaint

Also included are beacons, amber and white leds with flash leds and small red, white and amber leds, as seen in the pictures below

Trucks supported so far:
Scania NextGen: Front bar, roof bar for normal and high cab
Daf XD: Roof bar for low roof, 2 versions, one for 6 lamps and one for 4 lamps, were the latter uses those outmost hookups for beacons etc instead



One thought on “Abasstreppas Light Fix Pack v1.01

  1. if you wanna get ads instead of the files – mods.to is your choice, I do not know who uploaded it, but it seems he is kidding from all of us, hilarious

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