Absolutely physics v2.0


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Physics v2.0 for ETS2 v1.11.1
Mod-Titan in all physics mod for ETS 2.

In general, this version of physics includes:
– changed physics.sii (there is two versions – with softer and harder cabin);
– changed position of the locator CABIN[] for all default trucks (in truck.pmg);
– changed residual_travel[] for all default trucks (in chassis defs);
– changed kerb_weights[] for all default trucks (in chassis defs).
– maximum allowed rotation of the front wheels increased to 45 degrees
– fifth wheel roll angle increased to 3 degree
– changed the operating principle of pneumatic suspension of the cab, besides it became softer
– slightly softened suspension of the chassis
– the cab move slightly smoother
– decreased sway bar stiffness coefficient



4 thoughts on “Absolutely physics v2.0

  1. Спасибо! Физика просто супер!

  2. Crash on loading, again 🙁 My game is 1.12.1s…
    Can you fix it? Is this mod only for Renault, because I drive MAN,Volvo and MB and it is crash every time 🙁

  3. If the cab is moving around like in the video then the dampers are not doing their job. Poor physics.

  4. why the SCS file is 36mo for a config file?

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