Activated Reefer Trailer

reefer-trailer-3 reefer-trailer-2 reefer-trailer-1

This mod is activate the ingame Reefer fridge trailer.
Tested: 1.26.2 and game versions.

azannya26, SCS


5 thoughts on “Activated Reefer Trailer

  1. csakcsabi0519

    ez működik multiplayerben?

    1. azannya26

      szia! nem tudom, nem próbáltam.

  2. huh, why did they deactivate

  3. Because it´s**t, all Skins are de-placed.
    I´ve throw them away. 🙁

  4. Can you please please please make them standalone? I really want to use it in Multiplayer but everytime it says: “Game change detected ” etc. So if you can help me, it would be very nice. Cuz it is a nice trailer to use it in Ets2MP.

    Kind Regards,


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