Active Concrete Mixer Trailer


The Concrete mixer trailer there at the Euro Truck Simulator 2,
just need to activate.
The creator of this little mod, succeeded in doing so his name is VAHID.
We publish here because the site is in Arabic or something.
Works perfectly on any version of ETS2.
No need to create the trailer, already exists and is updated with the patch of SCS.
Greetings and thanks to VAHID for his wit and dexterity



9 thoughts on “Active Concrete Mixer Trailer

  1. I am Iranian, nor Arabic O_o

    1. marcelofs

      Dear friend VAHID:
      My apologies for the error.
      lamentably I can not differentiate the writing.
      I hope I have not offended you.
      His work is excellent. I published it and it works perfectly. I do not know how to make it looks in traffic.
      Greetings and thanks for your work!
      sorry for my bad English)
      Best Regards!
      engineer Marcelo F Sanchez
      Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  2. What does this mod do exactly vahid??

    1. Without this mod, you can”t use this trailer، Because the trailer is not enabled by default in the game.

      good luck

  3. Sarkissian

    I have that trailer in my game and works for me!
    I think it is with one of Jazzycat’s packs!

    1. marcelofs

      Dear Friend:
      The difference is that when activating the Original Concrete Mixer for ETS2, is updated with the patch of SCS. Not required modification of mods.
      Best Regards!

  4. RealTruckingCo.

    do you just activate the mod or what??

    1. SingingTurnip

      yeah, download the file and put the SCS file into the normal place and enable it in Mod Manager.

      It can be used online too.

  5. What is the chassis and cargo codes? (I prefer editing my savegames rather than use mods)

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