Actros Cat skin


Mercedes Actros skin, this mod tested with 1.9.22



11 thoughts on “Actros Cat skin

  1. wow thanks a lot Ghass72 can u make mercedes actros mega mod H.essers skin please ? here is the picture

    1. I will truckfan ASAP

  2. Was the second picture accidently put up?

    1. I think he putted it there meaning that the Mercedes is for being blowed up!!! 😛 xD

    2. the 2nd picture is a mistake from the website control side, its not mine I don’t have it on my PC.

  3. volvo4life

    Whats the mod for your chassis?

    1. its Gutmman actros mod

  4. Ghass72, this truck really works without problems? could u publish too? I just found crashes to MB 8x Trucks

  5. Theosz the MB 8x works fine with me on 1.9.22 with promods, but with TSM map did’nt work at all always crash the game & I tried many times to solve it but I couldn’t do. I always play this mod with all old versions because its the best stable truck mod on the roads with max speed.. U have to keep trying it hope its works with U.

    1. Thank you Ghass72

  6. thank you Ghass72

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