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Adaptive Increased Traffic Mod Series , in short AITMS, was released to enhance the gaming experience by variation in traffic density at various time and location.

Changelog v 1.3:
– Added the word Series to the name
– Changed the Traffic Density Values
– Focused on More Trucks in Industrial Area
– New Facebook Fan Page Released
– First Official Video on Youtube is Uploaded
– Official AITMS Logo Launched
– Fixed the Traffic Conjuctions in Going East DLC Pack

Tested with 1.9 to and works

Link to Facebook FanPage –

Author: Murshid4Gaming


37 thoughts on “Adaptive Increased Traffic Mod v 1.3

  1. ClassicDutchTrucker

    Very nicely done, once again! 🙂

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Thanks classic dutch trucker, i have shared you video with credits in facebook fan page, hope there is no problem in it….

    2. ClassicDutchTrucker

      Ofcourse not! Go right ahead! 🙂

  2. Cool, this keeps getting better and better!

    1. You could have uploaded a better video know…one without lag.
      People might think the lag is coming from your mod.


      Anyway, awesome mod!

      1. Murshid4Gaming

        Well blunt I completely agree with you, this video was created by my friend as well as edited by him. She used cyberlink power director to edit the video and due to graphical rendering problem, the video turned up like this.. Anyway with her efforts in helping me, i cannot reject the video.So ended up in uploading that video..However this mod doesnt affect the gameplay….

        Thanks for your good comments one again…

    2. Murshid4Gaming

      Thanks blunt for your compliments….

  3. Excellent mod! Thanks!

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Welcome, For your compliments brother and for your support from my early stages….

  4. It works with promods 1.62 ? Thanks for your work !

  5. Respect for this !
    Amazing Mod.

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Well it works with promods..
      Welcome …

    2. Murshid4Gaming

      Sorry that reply was for Sebi,

      Thanks for your compliments..

  6. Dear God it’s only modification of one file and it does not have ANY influence on industrial areas – what you did is balanced 50/50 trucks and vehicles which also results in spawning same amount of trucks and vehicles which is not real.

    I respect your work (especially version 1.2 because it was nice basis to release serious traffic mods including additional traffic) but you cannot do much more. Besides with safety modifier of 0,25 crashes at intersections are just happening too often. 0,5 is minimum for decent gameplay.


    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Dear Mephic, What you said is a case of misunderstanding, what I meant is that ets 2 open world is restricted to its industrial area where there are godowns and factories. And the changes made in the values will eventually increase more traffic in that area rather than motorways and speedways and you would see it…
      Anyway I will make it 40/60 in my next mod, I balanced it because it is a trucking game and a lot of trucks traffic would make it enjoyable..
      Anyway thanks for your comments…

    2. Murshid4Gaming

      I am sorry for it and added that as a changelog because it would get interesting….

  7. Hamidreza

    does working on tsm 4.7 ????????

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Dear Hamidreza
      Yes it would work in it…

      1. Hamidreza


  8. Murshid4Gaming
    I like is nice it tested other mot other day i gave way to mutch traffic and game run very slow.
    This one run better.

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      It depends on your computer’s performance, my friend who made the video has a medium end computer and you would see that there is quite some lag in it…
      But according to the computers performance the traffic would be spawned..
      you may check the game log to verify it..

      thanks for your compliments

  9. renaulthater

    Once again you are amazing!

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Thanks my friend for your comments..

  10. volvo4life

    In 1.2 I see this ai_safety_modifier: 1.0 and in 1.3 it is 0.25. Whats the difference?

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      Ai safety modifier will affect the ai traffic accident probability.If it is set close to 0 more accidents will occur and when set greater values from 0 accident probability would become less…

  11. With this mod the spawning of trucks in the highway is really decreased. Is it normal??

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      It depends on the spawning quantity of traffic in the game..According to the computer’s performance the spawning quantity gets affected…

      1. Mmmm i really don’t think that this can be the problem with my pc. This decreasing of trucks make the game really unrealistic. And it isn’t an hardware problem.;)

        1. Murshid4Gaming

          You may ask others for the traffic density in highways, and for your sake you may check the game log with and without the mod you would see the truck spawning limit in both, how much trucks , vehicles , etc are loaded..and then say whether it is the mod’s problem or the hardware problem…

  12. @dr_jaymz


    1. Murshid4Gaming

      welcome dr jaymz

  13. does this update still work on lower end pcs like 1.2 cuz I don’t need any lag

    1. Murshid4Gaming

      yes it would work in all sort of computers but only the spawning limit varies..

  14. how due I install it

  15. your mod is very nice … i like it! , but Severe congestion inevitable …, if I may request, the better the traffic volume was reduced slightly and added a 6×4 chassis volvo etc. .. thanks n have a nice day 🙂

  16. Murshid I have been fooling with this mod for some days, it’s great fun.
    I am also happy to report it works perfectly with Ver 1.11.x public beta, so should be good for the full upcoming update.

  17. niknor2015


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