Add 10 more engine updates for ALL truck models


This mod will add 10 new engine update options for each of the Truck models available in this game. A 780 HP engine will be available immediately for purchase and rest 9 updates will be unlocked between level 30 – level 80.

Author: onick


7 thoughts on “Add 10 more engine updates for ALL truck models

  1. and some specs from the engines

  2. and no badges … you buy a 1020hp engine and in the grill is 730:(

  3. sorry forgot to add the list in the description. here is the list of updates:

    lvl 30 is 820hp,
    lvl 35 is 900hp,
    lvl 40 is 960hp,
    lvl 45 is 1020hp,
    lvl 50 is 1150hp,
    lvl 55 is 1240hp,
    lvl 60 is 1380hp,
    lvl 70 is 1460hp,
    lvl 80 is 1550hp.

  4. RubberStig

    Thanks 🙂 I don’t need no stinkin’ badges! Just give me the grunt!

  5. this mod come in handy coz I use a mod that gives me loads till 76 ton, was just saying that would be nice is the badges were also in the mod, thats all

  6. the mods for me comes in handy, is good becouse i use a mod that gives loads till 76 ton, just saying that would be nice have the badges too :))

  7. the link wont work for some reason, it just ses windows cant open this file. is it something wrong with my computer

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