Add-on for Jazzycats cargo packs v0.9.1 beta



Add-on adds in game new companies (over 250 new loading/unloading
places) – delivery of fuel to gas stations, construction equipments
to constructions and roadworks, agricultural machinery to
areas, cars to car dealers, trucks to truck ealers, buses to bus
stations, foods to hotels, helicopters/airplanes to airports,
locomotives/train cars to depot and so on…

Works only on ProMods 1.52 and Poland Rebuilding!!!

Not compatible with all other maps.

v0.9.1 – fixed some major bugs.
Remove old version.

Correct order of files in mod folder:

Promods 1.52 files (required)
Poland Rebuilding files (required)
trailers_and_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v2.2 (required)
railway_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v1.2 (optional)
military_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v1.3 (optional)

With your own truck everything is working properly.


64 thoughts on “Add-on for Jazzycats cargo packs v0.9.1 beta

  1. DeineMudda

    is promods etc int he pack included?

    1. trucker richy

      Promods is not included in this pack, you have to create a profile on their website to get it.

    1. i can use this mods with promod 1.6.x ?

    2. this are not working in latest version maps

  2. Female Trucker

    Does anyone know where to find and download the full Poland Rebuilding please?

      1. Female Trucker

        Thankyou szetland1971 I have tried that but !! It doesn’t give me the def file and when downloaded says it’s broken or missing, I need to find it with the Def File.

        1. When you have downloaded those links, you will need to extract them with 7zip only, otherwise you will get the error that you have described above. You will get the .def file when you extract them with 7zip.

      2. this works, map is mucked up but whole thing works.

      1. Female Trucker

        Please look at the message I left szetland.

  3. Jazzycat, thanks!
    Whether you want to start a new game?

  4. Hope Springs

    Hopefully this one works. The .9 beta didn’t change loads or destinations for me at all. It apparently loaded okay, but I am having intermittent lock ups and crashes to desktop. I’m willing to put up with it for a beta though, but I’ve tried a bunch of different fuel, box trailers, and excavators cargos, and all were designated for the usual warehouse parking lots or the mining pits.

  5. Whats new on this version?

    1. Nothing. Fixed some major bugs.

  6. Do i need going east DLC for poland rebuilding? Also idk why my game crash sometimes.

    I dont’t have DLC

  7. The game crash -.-

    1. same here. I ordered everthing in right position

      1. Don’t work without DLC.

  8. Hope Springs

    Okay! Got a Volvo truck delivery to a Volvo dealer! Sweet! I think a bunch o bugs got squashed. Still not a lot of obvious loads that go to other places though. Haven’t seen any fuel loads that go to gas stations instead of warehouses. Would be nice to have a list in the read me file of the new loads and locations. One thing, I renamed files with \z\s to match the read me order. Don’t do that, I left this file alone and didn’t rename it, worked better.

  9. hi guys n girls id like to know were do i get poland rebuilding from i try that scs software and find that the files i get is broken i can not extract with winrar or 7 zip then i get the files and it say file is corrupt. what i want to know is a proper link and then how to combine both files together or just some really decent instructions im tearing my hair out here what little i have left be a bald coot. jazzycat thankyou again man

  10. im in same boat as female trucker as regaurds this download

  11. jazzy my friend what are the links to im english and cant find anywhere to download from or is your site? for register

  12. i have now europe rebuilding france and also poland now jazzy cati can extract the file using 7 zip but how do i combine the other file to my main scs file
    Europe_Rebuilding_1.02 (1.4.8)

    those are my 2 files and my ploand rebuilding files are same ? any help you can give is appreciated my friend but i dont speak french i can give you a email so you can help in french and then can get it translated no problems though appreciate your busy many thanks gracias ian

  13. a big thank you mr jazzy cat really appreciated the help you just given my friend now ets2 is working fine with poland rebuild from above link

    many many thank you from england to you jazzy

  14. Stampertje

    jazzy can you make this mod also for tsm-map? because the promods and the poland mod doesn’t work.

  15. My game(set,play) plants with dry + of sec+0008+0002 has sec+0010+0004 in the file(case) map can you say yourself why otherwise with the rest ca work thank you


  17. Another great piece of work JazzyC .. Cheers ,keep up the amazing work,this game is so much better because of your mods.

  18. sorry for my bad engish i realy like your trailers_and_cargo_pack, railway_cargo_pack, military_cargo_pack mrs. Jazzycats but pls make this Add-on for tsm map i think a lot of players will be happy

  19. Funkhornet

    Dear Jazzycat,

    could please please make this Mod also for TSM-Map. Would be really gigantic !!

    Thank you and Greetings

  20. Ummm… I installed the mod and it doesn’t work. My game just drops when I open the freight market. But if I go to a company and select, it doesn’t. I heard that you can’t play this without DLC. Is it true? Please make it able to play even without the DLC.

    1. Droppin a Duece

      Works just fine, adds a lot of realism to the game, I hope the 1.9 update or a future one, adds these types of depots. This mod still causes a bunch of app crashes, but you can play for quite a while before it does. Should remove the dependency on the Polish DLC though, what’s the point? It’s hard to find and extract properly and it adds very little to the game.
      Just simplify it to ProMods only Jazzycat, and it would be better and easier to test and fix.

  21. Tonytruck

    played mod for couple of days and was ok, tried to do 2 jobs in Denmark and Sweden and both crash the game, latest Croydon to Malmo just as I’m crossing suspention bridge into Malmo game crashes to desktop. Tried F7 to assist me to Malmo it takes the money then crashes again. Any ideas. btw followed installation to the book

    1. Droppin a Duece

      Yeah TonyTruck, it seems to crash a lot in the Scandinavian areas of Promods, which is odd since it’s designed to be compatible.
      I think it would be much better (listening Jazzycat?) if it was just reduced to a mod for the basic ETS2 map. It would be more bulletproof, and much easier to test and fix (listening Jazzycat?). It makes the original map a whole new adventure, there’s no reason to make it work with other map mods.

  22. RyMetaLord

    Thank you very much, but
    works with TruckSim Map mod?

  23. it crush 🙁

  24. Poland Rebuilding didn’t extract with 7 zip, is there any way to extract it or any other program can do the job?

    1. Droppin a Duece

      Poland Rebuilding WILL extract with 7-zip. You have to have BOTH archives in the same directory, then right click on the archive and choose 7-zip, then the “Extract Files…” command. Let it create the new folder “Poland Rebuilding” in the directory where the archives are, and the three necessary files will be found there. If it doesn’t work, re-download the files, as sometimes people don’t wait long enough, or rename the files or otherwise corrupt them.

  25. this mod doesn’t work on v1.8.2.5s gold edition,game crashes one second before is loaded,so I returned cargo pack 2.2eng. and it’s working properly 🙂
    thanks anyway bro 🙂

  26. Jazzy can you edit all depots? please so there be no scs software depots.

  27. the game crashes when you going to upload a cargo in different places, try to fix it… complete your good work

  28. Nenad it does work use the download link at feb 17 th 7.14pm from jazzycat and then do as droppin a deuce says at feb 19th 5.37am it works fine i have ets2 latest version and promods latest version and ro map and this works great no problem just follow instructions to the letter cheers

  29. It dont crash check wot mods you have installed as they nay conflict with it read what i have above it works good you have other mods they may cause game to crash try disable them one at a time till you find the one causing problems

  30. Tonytruck

    Good idea but fed up of the game crashing, took the mod off and guess what……. my game no longer crashes!!!

  31. 1.9.22ver??

    1. Remingtonh

      I’m guessing when you see one that requires ProMods 1.6 rather than 1.5.2 that’ll be compatible with 1.9.22+

      Patience, gentlemen.

  32. MsHeavyAlex

    Hi Jazz ,

    I must ask you if you’ll Repear and adapt your “Truck traffic pack v1.1” to version 1.9.22 ….in there is just one or two small “mistakes” …

    I love your work and this truck are really realistic for game 😉

    I mean on this trucks, here is link :

    thank you on your all work for ETS2 game 😉



  33. Jazzy you make the coolest trailer packs for ETS2!!!!! …will this be updated for 1.9.xx as i love the random delivery places (building sites, gas stations etc)


  34. theshade270

    Plz update so it works with new promods and Poland rebuilding thanks

  35. Does This Work With Promods 1.62 And Poland Rebuilding 1.62

  36. after a little search on SCS forum, looks like Jazzycat won’t be updating this no more, so no 1.9.22 support.
    If someone could pick up where he left from…(i would do it if i knew how)…

    thx in advance

  37. No update for 1.9.xx ???

  38. This mod really should be continued for newer versions!
    I saw some Youtube videos and it’s super cool!

  39. Wouterbouter


    I was wondering if there are any plans to make newer versions of this great mod?

    Thank you,

    1. Ivegotshotgun

      Hands down this is still the best mod ever made for ETS2. The ability to deliver all over to so many unloading points made this a very cool mod and easily increased my game time another 50 hours. If you ever decide to do this again Jazzycat let us know here and I’ll be one of the first to donate 20 bucks to the cause.

  40. a_core4022

    Can this work on 1.15.1?

  41. can you send me the link poland rebuilding+promods?

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