Addon for RusMap v 1.6.3

Addon-3 Addon-2 Addon-1

Addon Added 3 New Cities: Petrozavodsk, Yaroslavl, Vologda
Tested Version 1.23 & RusMap 1.6.3

Author: diman26

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18 thoughts on “Addon for RusMap v 1.6.3

  1. Works with Promods 2.02?

      1. GamerLionfish

        In what order are you supposed to put these 2 SCS files in?

      2. NO, not correctly !!!!
        I have RusMap 1.63 + PM 2.02 and when I put in this Mod,
        he destroys the Promods Map !
        That means, some Cities are gone from PM, North and East.
        Quickdrive to Antwerpen: Crash…

        I´ve trying a lot of Combinations in the ModManager, nothing to do.

        My Advise: Throw it in the Trashbin…, sorry.

  2. Ставить ниже карты или выше?

    1. Выше

  3. kevin60927

    Thank you for making this awesome mods

  4. I have this Maps !!!
    where and how should the addon then load ??

    Project Balkans Definition Package
    Project Balkans Map Package
    Project Balkans Assets Package
    ProMods+RusMap Connection
    RusMap Map Package
    RusMap Model2 Package
    RusMap Model Package
    ProMods Definition Package
    ProMods Map Package
    ProMods Media Package
    ProMods Models Package 2
    ProMods Models Package 1
    ProMods Assets Package
    RusMap Def Package

    1. I would say it should be over rusmap def….without tried it out myself

      or try it yourself, first at the bottom, then at the top…if not in the middle and keep doing it until it works

      1. textfile says:
        “To work correctly, the package should have a high priority in the list of modifications.”

        but don’t they all? There can only be ONE at the TOP in my world

        1. I´ve trying it just now and it works like this:
          Before RusMap1.6.3 the RusMap Addon, than Addon Def
          and further the “normal” RusMap.
          Everything is OK, all Connections OK and there are no Problems with ProMods 2.02

  5. Hello,

    Would it be possible to soon add the city of Cherepovets, because I have very good memories of a very pretty girl in particular …

  6. Автор , спасибо за Петрозаводск!) Мой город) Не ожидал даже.

  7. Daear Autor ,
    Thank you for adding Petrozavodsk. I am very happy to see my city in the map

  8. działa z tsm //?

  9. Please don’t install this addon if you have Promods.

  10. replace the scs filles and it work very well

  11. Just so you know, this is the order you should put it in:


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