Addon Hookups For All Trucks Mod v1.2 For ETS2 Single-Multiplayer

✅ Game Support Version: 1.39
✅ Single player And Multiplayer Support

Features ETS2 Multiplayer Mod:
✅ Support from Lower Grille Guard
✅ Support from Bull Bar
✅ Support from Front Mask
✅ Support from Front Grille
✅ Support from Front Grille Guard
✅ Support from Light Bar
✅ Support from SidesKirts
✅ Support from Exhaust
✅ Support from Rear Bumper
✅ Support from Sun Visor
✅ Screamer beep support for dashboard (DAF, Mercedes-Benz, Scania , Volvo DLC)
✅ Support Michelin DLC
✅ Support Special DLC

Version 1.2 Changelog:
✅ Fixed For Game Version 1.39

Version 1.1 Changelog:
✅ Fixed For Game Version 1.38

⚙️ Installation :
1) First Go To Single Player And Activate Mod
2) After Selecting Mod , Save The Game And Go To Multiplayer
3) In The Multiplayer Section , Select Load My Last Save

⚠️ Attention :
If You Do Not Have Any DLC, Just Enable The Base File.




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