Addons Renault T

Game version 1.39 béta


1. 1 new rear fender and bumper 4×2
2. 9 news variants sideskirts 4×2
3. New light red mudflap


1. SCS Software
2. MDModding

DOWNLOAD 17.6 MB [Mods]
DOWNLOAD 0.9 MB [Template]

5 thoughts on “Addons Renault T

  1. Can u create for MP4 / Mp5?
    Thanks! Awesome works!

  2. pls make for nextgen scania

  3. Please make those things for the Rjl Scania or the scs Scania stock generation not the new generation Scania

  4. Thanks Matdom1988, we miss your mods a lot.
    All your AI traffic trailers would need a refresh of the definition files. I did it and they are all working, only the Chereau is missing.
    Grazie di nuovo.

  5. Gaming Itya

    MAN E5-E6?

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