Addont for Scania R700 New 44 AU BETA

Addont-for-Scania-R700-1 Addont-for-Scania-R700-2

The mod works in tandem with the Scania r700 new au44 !!!
Adaptation to version 1.20.1
Its interior in five, your tyuneng deflectors
registered key sounds, has two variants of the torpedo,
Its wheels.
His license plate is placed in service.
Long pipe.
Test version 1.20.1

Authors: Anatoliy7469, Thanks for the help: AlekseyMD


15 Responses to Addont for Scania R700 New 44 AU BETA

  1. 4861yeti says:

    download link dont run !!! please new Download Link !!

  2. alejandro says:

    link pliss

  3. maestro says:

    No link!!!
    Please re-upload.

  4. maestro says:

    Thanks Goba.

    • rduzu says:

      why is the game crashing its a good mod ? or its incompatible with other truck mods ? have any idea ? thank you.

  5. lolo says:

    game crashes on v1.20.1s , maybe its not compatible with other mods ? have any idea ?

  6. Christer says:

    Anyone have the download link to the truck?

  7. vyacheslav334 says:

    тачка класс!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. scc says:

    The mod is not working v.1.21.1s

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