AETR tachograph plugin v.1.0


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AETR tachograph v.1.0 released!

New in 1.0 version:

AETR rules control completed. Fixed bugs in calculations of reduced weekly rest compensations.

Fixed bug with incorrect indication of current rest time on first plugin start.

Fixed bugs with backup copies of ini-file after save game load.

New parameter in ini-file
is used in name-generation of backup copies of ini-file.

New parameter in ini-file
Backup copy will be created every tiime at startup when value is 1.
It can be useful to save ini-file data when you will load wrong profile.

Status string can be divided by 5 lines. Added new params:
drive_mask0 – drive_mask4
rest_mask0 – rest_mask4

clear_minicon is obsolete. you can override it’s functions with a new drive_mask, rest_mask with a value “_” (will be changed for ” “).
drive_mask, rest_mask with empty values are ignoring.

full readme inside the archive.


Put plugin & wav files to
“..Euro Truck Simulator 2binwin_x86plugins” for 32-bit game version
“..Euro Truck Simulator 2binwin_x64plugins” for 64-bit game version
if Plugins folder doesn’t exists – create it.
If plugin file located correctly – you will see a warning message when starting the game.

MS VC++ Redistributable 2012 (exactly this version!) x86/x64.

P.S.: Version 2.0 with ATS support (Hours of Service regulations are issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)) is under construction!



12 thoughts on “AETR tachograph plugin v.1.0

  1. Sébastien

    Je n’arrive pas à le faire marcher. J’ai créer le plugin dans c:programfiles(x86), steam,steamapps,common,eurotruckssimulator2,bin,winx64. Dans le plugin j’ai mis les dossiers readme.eng ; ; viewer ; et x64…et toujours rien..Fonctionne t’il avec Promods 2.0 ?? Faut’il mettre la fatigue ?? Merci de m’aider merci

    1. put in “plugins” folder dll & wav files only

  2. TruckerDome

    For what should be this? I don’t know what this makes in the Game

    1. for ######## players who wants to drive by AETR regulation rules.

      1. TruckerDome

        Ah okay, thanks:)

  3. Supric this is an awesome idea but can you help us with a tutorial how to use the plugin? i have no problems with installation but i dont what to do.Thank you and greetings from Greece

    1. UP

  4. Hello, it’s possible for us to set another langages us self ?

  5. Hey, thanks so much for this. It’s so great! Makes trucking much more real.


    Two questions:

    1. What’s the location of the ini file? Can’t find it.
    2. I have problems with the gamelog getting to big. Do you have your own and where is it located?

    Thanks a lot and keep going with this great thing!

    1. Finaly found the ini file myself.
      It is located in the plugin directory of the game.
      The log file is there also.

      Can you add the gamelog output to this file also? I grab the last Tachgraph line from the log and show it in another program, but if the gamelog get´s to big it is trancated and won´t have any new tachograph time line. I have to stop the game, delete gamelog and start the game again. It´s a little anoying…

  6. How can i see if its working in my game plaese can you tel me!!

  7. filip_flg

    What must I do to be able to go 10 hours and not classically 9, it still beeps me to stop

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