A&F Grant Skin Pack

A skin pack of A&F Grant of Ballindalloch Scotland for various trucks including both DAFs, Both Volvos, RJL’s Scania and all stock Scanias, The Merc MP4 and the MAN TGX based on the original Scania R skin Speedy made for me a while back.

Feel free to make up skins for the rest of the trucks, add them to this pack and re-upload them as long as you give credits included in this version.

Works and is tested on v1.30, if there are any mistakes on smaller cab versions then apologies but I’ve made them for the larger cabs and won’t be doing any other versions. Hope you enjoy them.

Jethro Speedy143


One thought on “A&F Grant Skin Pack

  1. EL.Mohamed

    hi Jethro Speedy143 nice work

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