AI Car Guardia Civil


This car you can’t drive or buy. It’s only for AI traffic.
Tested: 1.3.1

Author: albañil


3 thoughts on “AI Car Guardia Civil

  1. MatheusCLG

    is it a standalone mod?
    really how hard is to put more information?
    tiping must be so painfull for some people…

  2. It is the never appearing mod.

  3. This picture that the author has used is miss informative. In the last 5000 miles I have not seen this vehicle. I have seen a motorbike once but the main part of this mod which shows up all the time is it changes the wheels for some of the Ai traffic, makes them whiter and wider. So please Author/Uploader, figure your mod out and re-upload so it works as you show it to work.
    Thank you,

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