AI Emergency vehicles


ETS2 AI Mod with emergency vehicles unique to the UK and Germany

This mod adds 11 new AI vehicles into the game. These are:

FedEx Van, DHL Van, Parcelforce van, UPS van (these will appear all over Europe).

Police car Ambulance car, V.O.S.A car, Highways Agency car (these will only appear in the UK).

Green Polizei car, Blue Polizei car, Notarzt car (these will only appear in Germany).

If you have my ETS2 UK Ai Emergency Vehicles mod you will have to remove it before you use this one.

Author: Daniel W


2 thoughts on “AI Emergency vehicles

  1. Good mod but the colour of the Parcelforce vans appears pinky and glows oddly. DHL vans also a little odd.A good mod tho all the the same

  2. Hi Daniel, can you add more emergency vehicles for specific countries??? (France, Poland, etc)

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