AI improvement

New AI cars (BMW, Audi, Citroen, Ferrari, VW, Mercedes-Benz) and faster AI traffic (92km/h).

Author: ThePegasus


8 thoughts on “AI improvement

  1. great another fake mod that dont work

  2. I think you’re not allowed to have any other AI mod installed for this to work. That must be the reason it’s not working for so many people

  3. Johan Wiqvist

    This works fine for me, so this is not a fake mod as blahh said, he might be a fake him self with such a judgemental comment or he have little knowledge of how this game work.

  4. Really Johan? I think I know exactly how mods work, I edit/convert them for many games. Even tried it in a mod folder by itself with a new profile. And it still don’t work.. So its FAKE. Look at how many neg votes it has. Maybe your the fake guy promoting crappy mods?

  5. RalphWald

    It just changes the speed of trucks, there are no new AIs … Look at the file size: 10 KB … You’re right blahh.

  6. Fake. i agree

  7. for 1.3.1. ?

  8. Judging by the photos they look like they are from the 1st ets instead of ets 2. I can even compare both of these and the graphics are very very different.

    Just wanted to point that out.

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