AI Real Speed v1.1


Version 1.1 change
1. Slow truck’s max speed increased to 66km/h
2. Slow truck’s counts reduced to half
3. Fixed head lights angle issue
4. Now there are 3 version, normal means no AI number changed/ 1.5 means AI numbers*1.5/ 2.0 means doubled as the version 1.0



5 thoughts on “AI Real Speed v1.1

  1. tuhkustuhke

    can you make a mod that makes ai go like 20kmh over the speed limit everywhere

  2. Still don’t have permission to use my photo here.

  3. can work latest game version…

  4. Please update, it’s been ages, this mod already obsolete. It’s a very good mod but it’s not compatible with the new game versions anymore. I am dying to use this mod.

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