Ai Speeder


Author: Kraken


10 thoughts on “Ai Speeder

  1. What does this MOD ?

    1. Make Need For Speed out of truck simulation.

      1. Are you retarded or u never actually driven a car? The AI speed in basic ETS is so ###### and retarded, vehicles does not even reach speed limit not saying about trucks. In real life driving, every truck is reaching maximum speed limit on every road, and most of cars are riding like 5-10 km more than limit.

        1. You’re replying to a comment from over a year ago… let it go.

  2. how and where this work?

  3. no work!

  4. Want to give faster the speed of the vehicle AI.How do I?

    1. Countries go to file to adjust the speed of the cars and trucks did, but there was an error.IRA: How Please tell me specifically what you need!Come on!Press clumsy English, this translation program called Route AI cars run more than 120km on the highway 200km look to make a run for it ^ ^ I’d like to see.Please, I’m begging you!

      1. And I TSM map2.0 mode is.In this mode, the speed of the vehicle newly added quickly’D ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!!

  5. I would like to see ai trucks and cars travel at different speeds in ets2.some i trucks must reach 100 kmph on highway and single would make the game fun.

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