AI traffic Car Volkswagen Passat B5


Standalone AI traffic Car Volkswagen Passat B5.
Tested on 1.10.xx version.



7 thoughts on “AI traffic Car Volkswagen Passat B5

  1. Looks good! Great Job!

  2. nice you can make german look, low with bbs wheels =)

    1. can U show some pictures for this “german look”…??
      I can’t understand about what U talk..

  3. This is actually VW Passat B5.5.

    1. UKLvlXings

      Some people still call it the B5, but they are the same at the core. It’s just the body that’s different.

  4. Very nice car. Good work!

  5. PhounTaito

    Does it work on 1.24xx?

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