AI Traffic light with led by Rockeropasiempre 1.34

Independent mod.
For requests from some users, I created the independent led signaling mod.
It does not affect any other lighting. No lampposts, no trucks, or any other.



– Semaphores with leds.
– THIS MOD ONLY AFFECTS THE SEMAFOROS !!. It does not affect any other type of lighting.
– Compatible with all my mods.
– This mod offers the possibility of seeing a number of traffic lights with led lights in different countries of the map.
– Greater visibility at long distances.
– Increased textures quality.
– Higher light intensity of the led traffic lights.
– Traffic lights with leds in all cities: United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia,
Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Russia,
Poland, Slovakia, Hungary …
– It also includes traffic lights leds, in certain bus stops and temporary traffic lights.
– Added traffic lights leds for the countries included in all the existing dlc’s to date.
– Some traffic lights on the map, can not be converted to led, since they belong to the map itself,
and you can not modify this mod.

Author: Rockeropasiempre

Weight of the file: 2.3 Mb

A greeting.



6 thoughts on “AI Traffic light with led by Rockeropasiempre 1.34

  1. Looks good Mate!

  2. And what about Austria?
    All around us, also for that ###### Germans, you made it and we are nothing?

  3. Pockerface

    Why always these insults?

  4. Insert Here

    That’s common for the rivalry between germany and austria.

    We call them “schluchtenscheisser” roughly translated canyon shitheads 🙂

  5. Antoniopua


    1. Antoniopua

      No se porque sale el “+”. Pero lo repito: “La gente que insulta tiene problemas… Resolvedlos, y luego, volved. Un 10/10 el Mod. Gracias compi ;)”

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