AI Traffic Mods [03.11.2016] BY D.B CREATION

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Last Updated on : October/30/2016
Please visit our Homepage for new Updates and fixes.

On our Homepage you find :
– D.B Creations Special Rain Effects Ver. 1.2.3 [Updated]
– D.B Creations Xenon Lights for SCS Player Trucks Ver. 5.5.1
– D.B Creations AI traffic Behavior Ver. 5.7.0 [Updated]
– D.B Creations High Intensity Traffic Ver. 5.4.9 [Updated]
– D.B Creations Traffic Essentials Ver. 5.8.5 [Updated]
– D.B Creations Traffic Trailer Pack for DLCs Ver. 5.5.7 [New]
– D.B Creations Traffic Trailer Pack for No-DLCs Ver. 5.5.8 [New]

My Mods includes together :

– Added Real Licence Plates for all countrys.
– Added more traffic in City’s.
– Added reflectors on delineators in some countrys.
– Added new Loadingscreens
– Added new AI Vehicle Lights
– Added LED Dangerous Turn signals by Satan19990 ( Premission and credits by Satan)
– Added 3 AI Cars speed variants :
-> 1. 80 km/h
-> 2. 110 ~ 135 km/h
-> 3. 160 ~ 200 km/h
– Added 2 AI Truck speed variants :
-> 6×4 Trucks = 70 – 80 km/h
-> 4×2 Trucks = 90 km/h
– Added more Trafficlights and circles.
– Added Real Speedlimits in all Country’s.
– Added some Environment changes.
– Added many Sounds for mover, Companies, Ai Traffic and Environment
– Added new Rain Particles for the Wheels.
– Added new raindrops and increases the number of drops.
– Added new Rain Sound Effects.
– Added new Main screen music by D.B Creation
– Added our own Trailer Skin with our Logo
– Changed many Textures In-Game e.g Roads, Surfaces, Decals and Terrains
– Changed Map Zoom for Map Mod user
– Changed Economy Data
– Changed Traffic Light Circles.
– Changed all traffic and vehicle flares and improved.
– Changed Traffic Spawn distance
– Corrected behavior of AI trucks and cars.
– Corrected maximum speeds for cars.
– Improved AI traffic characteristics.
– Improved traffic behavior in the traffic circle and minor bug fixes.
– Increased vision coverage for AI traffic.
– Increased visibility of warning signs. (Flares)
– Increased visibility of traffic lights. (Flares)
– Increased Interior sound volume.
– Traffic was greatly increased.
– Traffic flow improved education of traffic jam.
– Unlocked all AI Cars, Trucks & Trailers in each country.
– Unlocked all AI Cars & Truck colors in traffic.
– Unlocked all hidden France Paintjobs for AI Traffic Trailer.

[*** Changelist: ***]
– Please see inside the Zip File to see the changes

[*** Credits: ***]
D.B. Creation
SCS Software
Satan19990 @

[* Beta Tester *]
Brett @ trailrunner4life

D.B Creation

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D.B Creation Dev Team

32 thoughts on “AI Traffic Mods [03.11.2016] BY D.B CREATION

  1. Nice collection of useful mods! Thanks for that!

  2. Вячеслав


  3. Вячеслав


  4. darkasx25x

    Please normal download link

    1. D_B_Creation

      @ Andrew : You abuse against the Licence of our DMCA and Creative Commons License. or will contact you.
      Thats not ok to publish our mods on and that dont help us to work on new content for ETS 2.
      Your D.B Creation Dev Team Germany

  5. Hi, is this compatible with ProMods Map? Thanks for answer.

    1. D_B_Creation

      Yes its Compatible with ProMods 2.10.

  6. Maurizio 12


  7. Maurizio 12

    Salve, questo è compatibile con Mario Map ?

    1. D_B_Creation

      @ Maurizio 12 : Please try it out, I dont know if its work. I hope its work ^^

  8. leoooooooooo

    Mario Map ist ok geht mit mario 11.9

    1. D_B_Creation

      Vielen Dank für das testen leo.

      1. ich liebe deine Mods aber bei mir funktioniert es nicht auf der Mario Map 11.9 wie genau ist die Richtige Reienfolge der Mods

        1. D_B_Creation

          [*** PRIORITY ORDER ***]
          1. The Traffic Intensity ( Recommend )
          2. The Behavior ( Recommend )
          3. Special Rain Effects ( If you want it )
          4. All Map Mods and Files
          5. Trailer Mod ( If you want it )
          6. Xenon Light ( If you want it )
          7. The Traffic Essentials

  9. Real+speedlimits+huh?+Why+is+speedlimit+90+or+110+km/h+on+highway+on+trucks+in+Sweden+when+speedlimit+in+Sweden+for+trucks+is+80+km/h+whereever+you+are+in+Sweden+irl?+Trucks+are+not+allowed+to+go+faster

    1. D_B_Creation

      Hello West,
      Thanks for this info i will check it and try to fix it.

  10. I hope to work with packs traffic of jazzycat


  11. leoooooooooo

    ja geht mit allen jazzycat traffic packs

  12. Some parts of this collection are stolen from other creators and then all of this mods inside locked ???

    Guys use D.A.R.T. unlocker to unlock all and have free fun !!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The original page is full of AD, so thanks Andrew!

  14. If you try to download this from his website, it opens terrible ad windows that can crash your whole system and then the download does not even start, just tries to install extensions and #### you never wanted.

    The whole website looks like a scam.

    1. D_B_Creation

      Hello HellNo,
      I removed the ad Pages and i hope its better now to download our mods. Thanks for the Info
      And sorry for this Trouble I hope its better now.
      Your D.B Creation Dev Team Germany

  15. Its combatible with Promods map and Jazzycat traffic?

    1. D_B_Creation

      Yes its compatible with these Mods ^^

      1. Hi i hv download this file can u tell me the intensity and behavior which file is it?? 🙂

  16. Hello
    could I know what order we put them in the mods mod manager thank you in advance

    1. D_B_Creation

      [*** PRIORITY ORDER ***]
      1. The Traffic Intensity ( Recommend )
      2. The Behavior ( Recommend )
      3. Special Rain Effects ( If you want it )
      4. All Map Mods and Files
      5. Trailer Mod ( If you want it )
      6. Xenon Light ( If you want it )
      7. The Traffic Essentials

  17. I+do+not+activate+the+lights+on+the+roadbars+..+or+what+is+the+mod+that+contains+them+and+I+have+downloaded+all+your+mods

  18. should i select intensity or behavior or both intensity and behavior pls reply

  19. which version does it work????? its not working in 1.26!!!!!!!

  20. 🙁

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